In January 1991, RxDN (Remote Xpress Delivery Network) Pharmacy was founded to service the prescription needs of the UFCW Local 1776.

Since its humble beginnings in the 1990s, RxDN has grown tremendously as a result of superior quality and care shown to the patients. The dedication of both management and staff is reflected in the 100% client retention rate during our fifteen years in business and is unmatched in the industry.

RxDN has never been a PBM (pharmacy benefit manager) but has affiliated agreements with many in the business. We have always been an independent provider of prescription service for the various employees’ prescription benefit funds and administrations. Cost containment is a prominent business driver within RxDN, but never at the expense of superior customer service.


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Mail order prescriptions are generally dispensed in a three-month supply for greater financial benefit. Payment by credit card is encouraged and it is only charged at the time of shipping. Other payment options include check or money order.
We have a dedicated team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians whose daily focus is to provide drug utilization reviews of all new or refill medications that are dispensed. This ensures the correct dose, at the correct time with no known interactions to the patient's current therapy or identified allergies. Each new prescription also includes a comprehensive, easy-to-understand information sheet to help patients use their medication safely and correctly. We have an 800-telephone number which can be used to receive further information from our pharmacists. (1-800-800-8769)

Independent Mail Order Pharmacy.
Over 20 years of mail order pharmacy service experiences
New Dispensing Facility.
Telephone and Internet Reorder Options.

RXDN PO Box 65681 Philadelphia, PA 19155