I am a new member. How do I register to your pharmacy?

Have your prescriber send escripts to us first. Escripts will contain most your information that we can register your profile in our system. Also, you can fill out a downloadable profile form in our website. Just click on the downloadable tab. Or, simply give us a call to register you in our system.

What medications can I get from Rxdn?

We fill maintenance medications that you are on continuously for your health condition. So, any short-term medications or emergency medications such as antibiotics, pain medications should be filled from your local pharmacy. Please contact our pharmacy if you want to find what medications can be filled from our pharmacy.

My doctor prescribed a new medication that I've never been on. Can you fill the medication?

Your plan may require you to have your new medication filled by a local pharmacy first 3 months before it becomes a maintenance medication. This period is called a trial period. Please contact our pharmacy if your new medication need to go through the trial period.


How is my medication shipped?

Your medication is shipped via US postal service free of charge. We also use UPS for rush orders with an additional charge to you. US Postal Service is our primary carrier.

When can I order my medication refills?

Most of your plans allow pharmacy to refill maintenance medications when they reach about 70% utilization. This means we can refill your medication about 3 weeks prior to running out of current supply.

How long will it take to get my Prescription order?

You can expect your order to arrive at your U.S. postal address within 14 days from the date of receipt of your order. To make sure you receive your order before your current supply runs out, please order your medications at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance to avoid possible delay by mail carriers. It also avoids having your medication order rushed out with an additional charge.

What do I have to do if I want Brand-name medication only?

Your plan requires us to substitute to generic medications for brand medication when it is available. Our pharmacy uses only FDA approved 'A' rated generic equivalents for brand medication substitution. However, if you or your doctor feels that Brand-name medication is medically necessary, you must ask your doctor to write 'Brand medically necessary' or you must indicate that you want Brand-name medication on your prescriptions. Otherwise, we will send you generic equivalent medication. Additionally your co-pay will be higher for brand medications depending on your plan. You may have to pay the difference between brand and generic drugs. Please refer to your plan policy regarding your co-pay.

What do you do when my benefit cap is exceeded?

First, we'll notify you of benefit cap exceeded and try to contact your plan. However, this will not guarantee to extend your benefit cap. Many plans require you to contact them directly, or plan benefit review boards have to review your case. We will hold your order unless you want your order to be sent out with cash charge. You must let us know if your plan approves for coverage again so we can ship your orders.

What do you do if my medication is a non-covered item?

Most of your plans allow pharmacy to refill maintenance medications when they reach about 70% utilization. This means we can refill your medication about 3 weeks prior to running out of current supply.

How does yearly deduction for my prescription plan work with co-pay?

Some plans require you to pay certain yearly deduction at the beginning of the year. The plan will automatically calculate your deduction, and then add it to your normal co-pay throughout the orders until the full amount of your deduction is met. Once your deductions are met, your co-pay will be adjusted to normal co-pay. Therefore, you do not need to pay your deduction upfrontt.

How do you ship my medication that needs refrigeration?

We follow drug manufactures' storage and shipping recommendation for iced-packages. You might see some variations in using ice packs for shipping refrigerated medications depending on seasons. However, please be advised that, according to drug manufactures, not all refrigerated medications are required to send out with specially iced-packages. If you have a further question regarding refrigerated medications or make a special delivery arrangement for those items, feel free to call RxDN.

My doctor just changed my medication after I received the order. Can I return the order?

Unfortunately, because of state and federal law, RXDN cannot accept the return of properly dispensed prescription for credit or refund. Make sure review your order when it arrives and notify us if there is any question. Please do not just return your medication without consulting with one of our customer service agents. Any medication returned without proper reasons will be sent back to you with shipping charge.
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